Sixers Still Struggling

At least THIS guy's back, amirite?

At least THIS guy’s back, amirite?

While this isn’t a sports blog by any stretch, I just wanted to show some fan love to my favorite team since about 2000, the Philadelphia 76ers. Even though they’re in the midst of a 12-game skid, I just want to make it clear right now that I’ve never stopped being a fan of the Sixers. I followed them throughout the years, and have been rooting for them whenever I could catch them on ESPN2 or TNT. Now that I don’t have cable, I’ve started to utilize to tune in to their games, old-school style, and yell at my computer instead of the TV.

So, as many of you may know, Allen Iverson, one-time face of the Sixers, has returned to Philly to liven up the roster and hopefully right the ship out there. However, in his three games back since signing a one-year, non-guaranteed contract with the team, the Sixers haven’t been able to snap their already-disappointing slide. Allen Iverson has been my favorite player ever since he crossed up Mike and [therefore] got the torch passed to him to lead the next generation of ballers. Of course, it’s been 13 years since the start of the 96-97 season, and AI has his miles now. He’s since passed the torch to the Brandon Jennings’ and Aaron Brooks’ (#0 pictured above) of the world.

But let’s not count AI out quite yet. There’s still AI2 (or AI9) and a promising youthful team that has the potential to at least make it to the playoffs (besides, last year they made it without Elton Brand, and this year they have him, too). As the two recovering veteran players–AI and EB–get their wind and legs back, the team is learning to adapt to new coach Eddie Jordan’s offense and trying to master the art of closing out games.

A few things of note: I haven’t heard talk of Eddie Jordan being on the proverbial hot seat during the team’s losing streak, and nobody can seem to understand coach’s substitution logic late in games, when it counts the most. Not even Philadunkians. Also, why is Randy Ayers an assistant coach for the Sixers? His coaching record in Philly was underwhelming at best, and as an assistant coach in Washington…you know what? Whatever. Ayers can stay.

By the way Ed Stefanski: Byron Scott AND Lawerence Frank are now available. Just sayin.